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Badboyscustom Storage is a family owned and operated facility. We are conveniently located about 50 miles west of the Twin Cities, right on HWY 12 (I-394) in the city of Cokato. The Badboyscustom team is here to guide you through a positive storage experience by providing a safe, clean, convenient, customer friendly facility with customer service that goes above and beyond in the most professional manner.

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Badboyscustom Storage understands all of your security concerns, and that’s why we use a top of the line monitoring system that keeps complete video surveillance of everyone who enters our facility. No one could enter our premises without being monitored, videotaped and tracked. In addition, every storage unit has its own individual alarm which is monitored 24/7 by our security system. Once completed, our facility will be fully fenced in and very well lit. This is especially important when you access your storage unit at night, or at the times when no one from our staff are on duty.

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Badboyscustom is a motor sales and full service business.

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